JOANELLE ROMERO, short listed for Academy Award, is an award-winning director, producer, writer of film, television and digital. A member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Screen Actors Guild/Aftra.

1994 HOME, HOME ON THE REZ | the first all Native Drama Series Pilot.  Starring Joanelle Romero, Larry Sellers, Elaine Miles. Streaming Exclusively on Red Nation Television Network
(Winner – Red Earth Film Festival)

1992 MURDER SHE WROTE | CBS | Night of the Coyote Season 9, Episode 6. Starring Angela Lansbury. Guest Stars Joanelle Romero, Graham Greene.

173x130Murder05 173x130Murder01 173x130Murder02 173x130Murder03 173x130Murder04

1991 MIRACLE IN THE WILDERNESS | Turner Network Television (TNT) | Cable Movie. StarringKris Kristofferson, Kim Cattrall, Joanelle Romero, Sheldon Peters Wolfchild. 

173x130Miracle4 173x130Miracle3 173x130Miracle2 173x130Miracle1

1984 MYSTIC WARRIOR | ABC | Mini-Series
Awards: Won Primetime Emmy, including 3 other nominations

173x130Mystic05 173x130Mystic04 173x130Mystic03 173x130Mystic02 173x130Mystic01

1983 CUTTER TO HOUSTON | CBS | TV Series. Starring Shelley Hack, Jim Metzler, Alec Baldwin, K Callan. Guest Stars Joanelle Romero and Dehl Berti.  


1982 LEGEND OF WALKS FAR WOMAN | NBC | Mini-Series. Starring Raquel Welch, Nick Mancuso. Co-Star Joanelle Romero. 

173x130WalksFar05 173x130WalksFar04 173x130WalksFar03 173x130WalksFar02 173x130WalksFar01

1982 LIFE OF THE PARTY: The Story of Beatrice | CBS | Movie of the Week. Starring Carol Burnett. Featuring Joanelle Romero.


1981 HILL ST. BLUES | NBC | Invasion of the Third World Body Snatchers Season 2, Episode 18. Guest Star Joanelle Romero.

173x130HillSt05 173x130HillSt04 173x130HillSt03 173x130HillSt02 173x130HillSt01

1980 ROUGHNECKS | Metromedia Producers Corporation (MPC) | Mini-Series

1979 WHEN JENNY WHEN | Paulist Productions. Starring Maureen, Joanelle Romero. 

1977 HATTER FOX | CBS | Made-for-TV Movie. Starring Joanelle Romero, Ronny Cox, Conchata Ferrell.  

First film that a Native actress carried a leading role. 

First contemporary Native woman story produced.

First contemporary Native film produced addressing #MeToo #WhyWeWearRED 

173x130Hatter03 173x130Hatter02 173x130Hatter01  173x130Joanelle01 173x130Joanelle02

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