JOANELLE ROMERO, short listed for Academy Award, is an award-winning director, producer, writer of film, television and digital. A member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Screen Actors Guild/Aftra.

UCLA Industry Conference

Joanelle Romero was invited by President Barack Obama, Vice Pesident Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama and Ophry Winfrey on June 5th to attend ‘The United State of Womens Summit’ there Joanelle Romero met with congressional members to address Native Women in Film & Television Initiative.

June 29, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences invited Joanelle Romero to join their efforts to increase Diversity.

“Its been 23 years since Native actresses have been cast on on episodic television, as one of the highest paid Native actresses on television 23 years ago, I find this exclusiveness unexpectable. Native Women in Film & Television​ initiative is doing something about this.” – Joanelle Romeo

Native Americans were not cosidered citizens of U.S. until 1924. The Nationality Act allowed then to go to war in 1940, but for the most part they had to wait until 1965 (Voting Rights Act) to really have the right to vote across the country. We as Native American women were not viewed as equals and this should be made clear on this day.”

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