I Forgive You™ – A Chapter

Women are Talking today because, in this new era, we finally can.

Why do so many of us, as female artists, have to go to war?

Blood quantum is a colonial idea enforced onto native communities in order to tear them apart, re: John A. MacDonald’s 1876 Indian Act.

Being Indigenous means kinship, ties to community, family, culture, clan. It isn’t the amount of ‘native” in your blood. 


Resilient * Re-Claiming * Ending the Silence #WhyWeWearRED a chapter of my soon to be released book “I Forgive You™” A Memoir by Joanelle Romero. I will release one chapter from my book in 2023  …

My soon to release book “I Forgive You’ A Memoir will have a few chapters on why this blacklist exists. Bulling, defamation of character, hate crime, discrimination and obstruction – all took place in regards to me being absent from my acting career.

I will be releasing one chapter in 2023. It is a limited run. titled ‘THE AMERICAN INDIAN HOLLYWOOD BLACKLIST™. #TimesUP You Can’t Keep Me Down!


You can download the chapter in 2023. More to be announced Stay Connected! It will be available for 2 months ONLY! Cost $25.00

Chapter One


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