I Forgive You™ – A Chapter

Women are Talking today because, in this new era, we finally can.

Salma Hayek

Why do so many of us, as female artists, have to go to war?

Salma Hayek

Blood quantum is a colonial idea enforced onto native communities in order to tear them apart, re: John A. MacDonald’s 1876 Indian Act.

Being Indigenous means kinship, ties to community, family, culture, clan. It isn’t the amount of ‘native” in your blood. 


Resilient * Re-Claiming * Ending the Silence #WhyWeWearRED a chapter of my soon to be released book “I Forgive You™” A Memoir by Joanelle Romero. I will release one chapter from my book in 2022  …

Our Film Industry will no longer tolerate Bulling, Defamation of Character, Hate Crime and Discrimination on any level against Women!!!

My soon to release book “I Forgive You’ A Memoir will have a few chapters on why this blacklist exists. Bulling, defamation of character, hate crime, discrimination and obstruction – all took place in regards to me being absent from my acting career.

I will be releasing one chapter in 2022. It is a limited run. titled ‘THE AMERICAN INDIAN HOLLYWOOD BLACKLIST™. #TimesUP You Can’t Keep Me Down!


You can download the chapter in 2022. More to be announced Stay Connected! It will be available for 2 months ONLY! Cost $25.00

Chapter One


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